Happy people doing awesome work.


That's our vision.

We bring stand-up comedy into the workplace, to help companies and people to be more real and engaging in their communication.

Presentation skills. Teamwork. Mental health. Sales. Pitching.

You'll learn comedy skills and do better presentations.

  • I was preparing for a presentation to a few hundred people and I get very nervous in front of crowds. The workshop achieved exactly what I wanted and gave me loads of extra ideas on how to refine my talk.
    — Hugo Woodhead, Co-Founder Pilcro
  • Comedy4Companies is like a wheatgrass shot for your business.
    — Kathryn Sheridan, CEO Sustainibility Consult
  • I had the best time in this workshop. It was a super confidence boost. Using the right kind of humour in meetings and public speaking has been such a valuable asset.
    — Theo Montagu-Andrews, Co-Founder Mustard Capital
  • We had a fantastic session... Highly recommended!
    — Iskender Dirik, CEO Microsoft ScaleUp
  • It's crazy what comedy can teach us about business communication... These guys are legends.
    — George Bettany, Co-Founder Sanctus
  • It helped me not only build on my writing and presentation skills, but I left the session with an increased confidence about presenting and bringing 'more of myself' to future presentations.
    — Tony Bennett, Head of Digital scarlettabbott